Tooth Pick


go to the kitchen,
on the second cupboard on your right
there you'll find the toothpicks
take one, no more than two
sit down, make sure you are comfortable
have some tissue nearby, just in case
take the toothpick and find
where the ache is stemming from
let it lead you like a metal detector
instead of metal, instead of a treasure
looking for radiations of pain
when you locate the ache
gently penetrate the gum,
the outer edges of the tooth, the narrow gap

It'll hurt, but not for long
less than a second
the bloodletting will will make the toothache go away
you can swallow the blood, it'll mix with the saliva
you can use the tissue if the bleeding doesn't stop
if the taste bothers you, there's some baklava in the fridge
Now don't toss the dirty and bloody toothpick in my ashtray
Use the tissue and simply wrap it into it
throw it in the garbage or down the toilet
Yes, it'll sting when you brush your teeth tomorrow
but your pain will be swayed for today

She passed on this advice,
that's what she learned and knew